What To Wear For Spring: The Best Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe

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We've already told you about all the hottest trends for spring, and now we're here to show you how you can actually incorporate them into your wardrobe. From smooth suede to sporty accents, read about our top five trends of the season (below the slideshow). And, if you check out the gallery, you'll see some great pieces that will allow you to incorporate the trends into your closet with ease.

Boho Chic

This season was all about boho. Designers like Alberta Ferretti and Altuzarra sent models down their runways in floaty dresses that would be right at home during festival season. Just think long lines, loose silhouettes, and lace accents.

Different Denim

One of our favourite trends of the season had to be the modern take on denim. We saw the sturdy fabric in the form of dresses at Gucci, and covered in crystals at Dolce & Gabbana. This season, don't be afraid to let your jeans do the talking!

All-Over Florals

We know florals for spring aren't groundbreaking (just ask Miranda Priestly), but they always blossom during this time of year, and we can't help but love them. Try an all-over print on everything from pants to dresses and maybe even a shirt.


The 1970s had a huge influence on spring fashion in 2015, with labels like Pucci and Gucci sending models down the runway in an array of looks inspired by the decade. And perhaps the most prevalent sub-trend was the appearance of fringe. It was everywhere! On bags, tops, jackets, skirts -- you name it. So, go ahead and have a little fun with fringe this spring.

Sporty Influences

This trend is definitely one of the best in terms of comfort. (It's now cool to wear sneakers for reasons other than going to the gym, and we're so thankful.) We've seen clothes revamped thanks to the use of stretchy, sporty fabrics like nylon, neoprene, and athletic knits and we kind of love it. Pus, you don't even need to be an athlete to rock the trend!

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Parisian Fashion Feasts a la Dior, Cardin…

Balmain, Christophe Decarin, is nothing if not consistent but the punk rock star theme lacks the flash and dash of past collections.  Yes, there are safety pins and torn hose but the ripped up cutoffs are a bit de trop.  The overall look seems to have been designed by Madonna’s daughter rather than the man who delivered $20,000 rock star jackets and gowns.  Mr. Decarin is running the risk of losing his audience very quickly with a collection like this.

Rick Owens….there’s always too much intellectualizing and this collection but this season delivered a collection that did not require the verbiage as the clothes spoke for themselves.  There were hints of vintage Jil and perhaps a few of the Japanese, but Spring provided plenty of the signatures of Rick Owens and plenty to attract new clientele as well.  Razor sharp, constructed and extreme but more than a few fleeting moments of true beauty.

Pierre Cardin returned to the runway this season with the same consistency and originality that has become a trademark for his brand.  It is often hard to distinguish between the brand and the createur but never think that Cardin, the designer, is out of the game.  The show presented his space age moments his signature clean lines as well as his bows and his draping; he will never be accused of being Johnny one note.  Keep in mind he was the first to solely own his own empire and still does which is more than we can say about almost any other company with similar revenue.  He should be respected and revered for having been a pioneer in this business.

Dior, John Galliano, brought everyone to Hawaii, maybe Tahiti, but it was definitely the tropics.  The girls were vampy, the girls were campy but the overall presentation, clothes included, did not live up the expectation of spectacular that we have become accustomed to from Dior.  The problem is that every show cannot be a blockbuster but we can always be happy that it was certainly more than satisfactory.

Lanvin, Alber Elbaz……word association…urbane, chic, slick, pleated, modern, draped and zipped….and there you have Lanvin.  Mr. Elbaz has turned the sleepy brand into a blockbuster must for modern women of the 21st century.  This is the one stop shopping destination for his clientele.  There was color, caftans,zipping, draping, clean lines and all the Lanvin signatures that Mr. Elbaz has created for the Lanvin woman……there are few collections on any continent that can rival its appeal ……BRAVO !!!!

Roland Mouret didn’t hit the replay button but instead hit extended play where he massaged his signature looks for Spring.  He teased us with color and eased the shapes while adding some much more relaxed sportswear looks which were less on the mark that his usual fare.  Hopefully by Fall, the look will have solidified for a more extensive collection

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Tags: Spring Fashion, Wardrobe, Boho Chic, Different Denim, Fringe-Tastic, Sporty Influences
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Tags: Spring Fashion, Wardrobe, Boho Chic, Different Denim, Fringe-Tastic, Sporty Influences

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